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My husband Julian celebrated his Heavenly homecoming on October 19, 2019.  Oh what a day!  What a celebration it must have been as he was ushered into eternity by his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  How awesome for him to see his Savior face to face and be free from the trials of this earth and his failing body.   I rejoice that he finished his race and he is reaping his reward today.

I’m absolutely AMAZED at how God has brought me through this journey called ‘Widowhood' and  how much I’ve healed in such a short time.  I promise if you’d asked me early on in my journey, I never would have thought I’d be as far along so quickly.... ONLY by the grace of God!  Has it been easy?  Absolutely not!  There were days I questioned whether I’d make it.... in those days, I wasn't accounting for the reality of God's grace.  If you allow Him, Jesus will make your path straight.

Every time I hear someone new has joined the ranks of Widowhood, my heart breaks for her....  I know that she is embarking on perhaps the most difficult journey she will ever take. I pray for her and all of the women on this journey... I pray they will lean into God... He so wants to comfort them, heal them, and lead them through!  

I have learned so very much about myself, about my God, and about other people through this journey.  I am truly blessed and want to share the blessing!  Someone recently asked me to share the ‘silver bullet’ for my healing and how far I’ve come... my answer was simple... there is no ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic pill’.... there is JUST GOD!!!

Join me as I share insights I’ve learned along the way, tributes to my late husband Julian, milestones in my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, devotions, and much, much more!  Some writings I will share come directly from my personal journal, some I’ve written on private Facebook groups for widows, some I’ve shared on my personal Facebook page, and some will be brand new.  If I see insightful messages from others speaking about this journey, I will include them too.

I hope to help other widows make their way through this journey... but I also hope to help anyone supporting a loved one through their grief.  How do you help?  The most important thing is to try to understand what your loved one is facing.  How?  First you have to keep showing up.  Then, listen, listen, listen... empathize and validate their feelings.  We will talk much more about it.


Please know that I take time to prayerfully consider what to write, I pray over the words to use, and I pray that God will use my messages and reach those that need to hear them. 


Most of my writing will assume the reader is a Believer with a relationship with Jesus.  When I refer to a widow's late husband, I will also be assuming that he was a Believer and has made his journey home.   

If you have a topic you’d like me to discuss specifically related to my walk with Jesus through this journey, please let me know and I will prayerfully see what God has to share through me.


Many Blessings!
Now, off we go...

Robyn Alsip Arce

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