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Grief is Beautiful. Wait, what?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021


I know... that seems like a strange and almost ridiculous statement... but stay with me.

Grief is simply a perfect reflection of love.

Read it again... Grief is simply a perfect reflection of love.

The love you shared with your husband, now lives on in you. It is reflected in the grief you feel. Big love will always lead to big grief. It is inevitable. If you take it to God and you partner with Him, He can use your grief to expand your heart.

My husband’s love changed me; his love made me a better person. Anyone I love now gets a “much better love” because of it.

I know you may be skeptical right now; especially if your widow journey is new.

Stay with me... you’ll see.


— Robyn Alsip Arce, © 2021

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